Temporaries On Standby is the leader the temporary help industry sets us apart from other staffing services

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About Temporaries On Standby
Helping the construction, industrial, manufacturing and printing industries
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Temporaries On Standby - Temporary Personnel ContractorsToday, there are countless options for companies seeking assistance with staffing requirements.  Specializing in labor
STAND-BY offers companies the benefit of close to a century of hands on experience and background in the industries we serve. Our extensive knowledge of the construction, industrial, and manufacturing industries ultimately sets us apart from other staffing services.  Honest and dependable service is our approach to success.  Our flexibility allows us to provide a number of employees.  Whatever the need; hiring, layoff, increased demand, seasonal fluctuations, or special projects, the industry professionals at STAND-BY are ready to help


  • Dedicated to outstanding service
  • Custom designed staffing services
  • Virtually eliminate absenteeism
  • Service satisfaction guarantee


  • Liability for Workers Compensation
  • Liability for all F.I.C.A.
  • Liability for Unemployment Compensation
  • Hiring Process Cost
  • Cost of Payroll Administration

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